About the Gold Vault

The Gold Vault is your virtual place to store Aurum Gold Coins (the first ever hybrid cryptocurrency, backed up by 999 gold), exchange Aurum Gold Coins, and at the same time you can find information about the world gold spot price and interesting analysis from the world of gold and cryptocurrencies. The Gold Vault brings you an easy access to buying gold and fractions of Gold less than 1 mg – it is easy and quick. All you need to do is to subscribe and start accumulating real gold.

We store the gold in a high-security Gold Vault in Dubai, U.A.E. Your Gold can be claimed at your own convenience.

The Gold Vault is so much more than just to store your gold. It is moreover a virtual gold exchange portal – providing you with knowledge about cryptocurrency and gold. Enjoy the benefits of being in total control of your liquid and physical gold.