Frequently Asked Questions

i. Why does the world need another cryptocurrency?
Aurum Gold Coin is not just another cryptocurrency. We are not aiming to add something known to the market. We are trying to be the first to set the way of crypto-gold innovation. We are trying to make our cryptocurrency secured, stable and safe. Achieving these three characteristics, we will guarantee the existence of a new product, which is combining the cryptocurrency with gold. For that reason, Aurum Gold Coin is not another cryptocurrency. It is THE NEW cryptocurrency generation.
ii. What is a hybrid currency?
Due to the high potential volatility of cryptocurrencies, many investors are trying to make a parallel correlation of the price between the crytocurrency and an already known and used financial tool. It could be anything  - from USD to government bond prices. The idea behind the hybrid cruptocurrency is to back up the value by a real asset. It is like hedging – we will guarantee the price of the cryptocurrency with the price of the asset.
The disadvantage is that the price of the cryptocurrency will not depend only on the “crypto” users but also on another asset, which is out of the control of the “crypto” world. The advantage is that whatever the future of the hybrid currency, you will always have your asset to back it up.
In case of Aurum Gold Coin, the asset, used to back up the value of the cryptocurency, is gold. Aurum Gold Coin® provides the best of the “old” world, in the face of Gold, and the best of the “new” world, in the face of cryptocurrency. Without forgetting the advantages, which each of the “worlds” brings, we “married” to the new hybrid innovation – the Aurum Gold Coin®.
iii. Why should I not buy gold and be done with it?
Buying gold is expensive initiative. Furthermore, you cannot buy a small quantity. Most of the gold dealers make you buy a huge amount which is expensive not only to purchase but also to store. We provide you with an easy access to the gold market without the necessity to buy big amounts. You can order tiny amount and pay a small percentage storage fees. Furthermore, if you ever engage in the selling of the gold, you will have to pass trough serious of procedures or sell it on a discount to a local buyer.
iv. Where does the value add of AGC come from? Why is it not just worth 10 mg gold?
When you are buying AGCs, you are not only buying gold but also you are buying security and insurance. Furthermore, we are backing up the value of the AGCs with another cryptocurrency – OneCoin. With other words, after purchasing AGCs you are holding highly securitized gold and Onecoins.
v. How can I buy AGC?
 It is very quick and easy – all you need to do is register. By creating your personal account, you create a virtual “golden” wallet. You can instantly check how much AGC you are currently holding and how much this is worth it in gold. The whole registration process will take just several steps before being an owner of real gold.
vi. Is AGC legal?
We have all required legal registrations and certifications needed for the legal operation within international market. AGC is a 100% legal investment. Please contact us if you need any further information related to our legal entities.
vii. Where is the gold vault?
The gold vault is located in Gold Vault DMCC, Dubai. The reason we chose the vault location is the high security. In order to obtain our license in Dubai and be verified as a legal business entity, we passed through series of regulations and procedures. It took us time but it was totally worth it, because it proved once again the high security level of conducting business in Dubai. The Gold Vault DMCC is the biggest and the most secured vault in United Arab Emirates. Holding such kind of partnership makes us feel honored and appreciated.

viii. How can I be sure, that there is real gold behind?

The purpose of the Audit is to provide you with justification that the level of the gold is reflecting the current amount of the AGC. With other words, we want to show you that your gold is where it should be – securely saved in the Gold Vault. The auditor is externally hired for the purpose of the monthly check.
ix. How can I use AGC to make payments?
AGCs will be included in your virtual wallet. Through it, you can instantly make transfers online.
x. Why is AGC a better payment method than bitcoin?
The high volatility of bitcoin makes it unstable and risky method payment. Due to the quick price disruptions, the value of the bitcoin may be significantly different for a very short period of time. AGC found the remedy of the high volatility – by fixing the price of the AGC with gold. Changes of gold prices may occur but they will not be that drastic, which make the volatility of the AGC more stable. The advantage of AGC over bitcoin is exactly the stability and the prevention of the instant value loss of the cryptocurrency.
xi. But I heard negative things about bitcoin. How is AGC different?
We do not want to be bitcoin, we want to be better. We provide higher security and stability to our clients. We are different because each AGC is backed up by real gold. One coin is equivalent to 10 mg pure gold and 0.01 OneCoins. Furthermore, you can claim your gold any time you want. If you do not want to hold cryptocurrency any more, you can sell it on the exchange or request your gold.
xii. Are there any corporate or affiliate programs?
Yes, there are corporate and affiliate program. We have several corporate partners, who have realized the potential, innovation and benefits of Aurum Gold Coin and the GoldVault. If you and your company would like to sell our coins or to insert them into your product portfolio, please contact us.
We will put together an attractive offer for you, assist you to develop marketing materials and be with you every step of the way. Aurum Gold Coins will be part of the future and we will support every partner who helps us fulfill our vision.
xiii. Interest rate programs
If you decide to invest your money in AGC, you will not only be an owner of a cruptocurrency and gold but also take advantage of our interest rate programs. The table below provide information on the percentage level you can obtain:
of coins
10.000 3,00% 4,00% 5,00% 6,00%
50.000 4,00% 5,00% 6,00% 7,50%
100.000 5,00% 6,00% 7,50% 10,00%
500.000 6,00% 7,50% 10,00% 12,50%

xiv. What if I would like to buy more AGCs

The more coins you buy, the cheaper they get. The table below illustrates this correlation:
you pay for you receive
500 500
1.500 1.600
7.500 8.000
15.000 15.500
you pay for you receive
50.000 55.000
100.000 112.500
500.000 600.000
xv. My solid gold coin?
You can claim your solid gold coins any time you want and we will make sure they are safely delivered to you.
xvi. Audit?
One of the value added services of the Gold Vault DMCC is the monthly audit. Once per month we will publicly announce the overall amount of gold and the equivalent AGCs amount. The first audit will be available in summer 2015.
xvii. Others failed, why will you be successful
Aurum Gold Coin is different in every step of the way – from the business strategy to the management team. The company has years of experience in both cryptocurrency and commodities. Our team is determined to bring another innovation in the world of cryptocurrency. Our experience, knowledge and devotion make us believe that we will not fail.
We are proud to be the leader of innovation – we are combining two cryptocurrencies with a commodity in order to develop stability. Every innovation is risky, but we are claiming that ours is not only tempting but also secured and profitable.
xviii. Can I receive my gold physically?
Yes, you can receive your gold whenever and wherever you want it. We guarantee high storage and shipment security and punctuality. You should not do anything about the shipment. After requested, the gold will be directly sent to your personal or business address. In case of damage, the insurance will cover all the costs.