Get Started

Maybe a friend recommended the GoldVault to you. Maybe you read about us in the press. Maybe you found us on the internet. Regardless what the case is, we are happy you are here – and want to help you getting started in the exciting world of the GoldVault and Aurum Gold Coin.

There's no minimum purchase amount and it takes less than 2 minutes to sign up, so you can open your own GoldVault  and begin buying AGCs today.

Fast Sign-up

Our fast sign-up and buying process is a paperless and secured online procedure that can be completed in minutes, giving you quick and easy access to your own GoldVault. You have the freedom to exchange as much coins as you want while monitoring the level of your gold in your personal gold vault.

Sign Up Reward

Join today and receive 1 FREE Aurum Gold Coin. With your sign up, you own 10 mg of gold and can start exploring the GoldVault and the world of Aurum Coin.

Flexible Payment Methods

We offer different payment methods for our customers:
• OnePay Online Wallet
• Wire transfer
• Major Credit Cards
• Perfect money
• Western union

The GoldVault Features:

• Buy/sell Aurum Gold Coins
• Access to your GoldVault online 24 hours a day.
• Add up to US$150,000 of funds
• One bank account linked to your Account.
• The gold allocated to your AGC is identified and you can access this
   information anytime
• Secure storage, collection & delivery services of your gold if requested

For additional features, such as unlimited funding and multiple bank accounts, please contact us once you have set-up your GoldVault.