Hybrid Innovation

Aurum Gold Coin® provides a combination of the best of the “old” world, in the face of Gold, and the best of the “new” world, in the face of cryptocurrency. Without forgetting the best of each of the “worlds”, we combine solid Gold with Cryptocurrency, by forming a new hybrid innovation – the Aurum Gold Coin®.

What is the idea of the “hybrid innovation”? According to Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor, and his colleagues Heather Staker and Michael Horn:

“… The hybrid [solution] marries the old technology with the new in an attempt to create a “best of both worlds” alternative that the incumbent firms can market as a better product to their existing customers…”

We have created a hybrid, which is combining the excellences of the past and the future in order to establish a new profitable investment product. The future is in front of you and we provide it to you on a golden plate.