What is Aurum Gold Coin?

Aurum Gold Coin® is a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency. Each Coin is backed up by 10 mg of pure gold and 0.01 fractions of the cryptocurrency OneCoin. The gold is highly securely stored in a gold vault in Dubai. In your account you can see how much gold and OneCoins back up your AGC portfolio. This is the first ever cryptocurrency backed up simultaneously by both gold and another cryptocurrency. In other words, we have developed a cryptocurrency with double price security!!!

Aurum Gold Coin® takes the advantage of technological advancement and innovation, which cryptocurrencies provides, but at the same time securitizes the value of the Coin by solid Gold. This provides quicker and easier access to the Gold markets through cryptocurrency principles, which allow the instant and cheap transfer of the gold globally.

  • Why gold? Gold is a precious metal used as a hedging commodity against high interest rates, political instability, economical distress, etc. No wonder it is called the “safe haven” investment – the value of asset will always remain profitable.
  • We all know about the success story of Bitcoin and all the subsequent followers such as Ripple, OneCoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. All of these cryptocurrencies seized the moment and created something really unique. Bitcoin wrote history by increasing its market value from USD 0.10 to USD 1,203. Other innovative coins are now conquering the world, and we see that cryptocurrency is a new class of assets to stay and to be part of each balanced investment portfolio. Aurum Gold Coin is not aiming to be the new Bitcoin. Tradiditional cryptocurrencies are not backed up by assets. We want to bring something new, solid and unique to the market - cryptocurrency that is stable, valuable and does not have the high volatility of well known cryptocurrencies. AGC will create a solid and stable cryptocurrency. We do not want to jeopardize the investment of our clients under high and uncontrollable risk. Yes, it is absolutely amazing to have an investment, which is increasing its value 75 times in a year and experience the thrill of becoming a millionaire overnight. But at the same time it is absolutely devastating to lose 4 times your wealth for even shorter period of time. We want to prevent these peaks and to provide to you a stable and credible cryptocurrency backed up by real gold. You have the unique chance to simultaneously become an owner of both gold and cryptocurrency. Enjoy!


Depending on the different packages and willingness to invest, each member can check anytime how much gold is currently held on his personal account. Through Aurum Gold Coin anyone can buy gold and participate in the gold exchange market. No matter how much you invest, you can be an owner of gold. Check out how much gold you can acquire using our virtual gold calculator. There is no obligation whether you will trade the gold or not. By signing in, you become an official possessor of a specific amount of gold, which you can either just store with us or exchange it through our exchange.

What makes Aurum Gold Coin unique is that at any time each member can claim the gold. The gold will be physically delivered to any point in the world. On top of that, you automatically receive 0.01 fractions of a OneCoin for each Aurum Gold Coin purchased.