What is cryptocurrency/hybrid currency?

Only one thought should come up to your mind when talking about cryptocurrency – The Future.

Until now the value of our money was predetermined for us. Central banks are issuing/withholding currencies as a government attempt to fight against economical abnormalities such as inflation/deflation. On top of everything, the value of all currencies depends entirely on international or domestic political decisions of governments leaving the participations of the common person almost insignificantly.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency is created by people for people. It provides you an option to directly participate in the value-creation of a currency. It provides you with the opportunity to be your own government. Cryptocurrency showed what common people are capable of doing with their money and time. Let us not forget the security cryptocurrency provides. Based on complicated mathematical algorithms, backing up each cryptocurrency, counterfeiting becomes difficult, almost impossible. Compare this with so many known cases of credit card fraud, robbing your wallet for cards and cash. Cryptocurrency provided you an absolute control. Cryptocurrency is very secure.

The main drawback from currencies like bitcoin is the high volatility. Aurum Coins have changed the game, due to the nature of the coin acting as a hybrid cryptocurrency – a major improvement to the industry is created. Customers participate in the value creation by backing up the coin with a real commodity, gold. Hence our slogan “In Gold We Trust”, demonstrating our strong belief that the value of gold will always remain solid and stable.

Years after being off the gold standards, gold is still considered as the “safe haven” of investment classes. At time of political, economic and social instability, gold is the investment alternative everyone is looking for. The proof is based on historical fundamentals – during the time of instability the gold trend is always positive. For that reason, in most of the cases, the price trend of gold can be more or less predicted. The only necessity one needs to possess in order to predict the trend of gold is to be aligned with the political influences of worldwide economics.

On the other hand, high volatility in the cryptocurrency indices prevents it from being perceived in the same investment manner as the gold. The trend of cryptocurrency prices movements are almost impossible to speculate or predict. This is where the role of gold as an underlying asset in our cryptocurrency world becomes interesting. It makes it more stable, decreasing the volatility and making the value proposition more attractive, bringing it closer to the “safe haven” idea…